Thursday, March 3, 2016

An Angel's Getting Wings!

Perry's getting wings!
The night before I said goodbye to him, Perry, 10, finished breaking my heart when, with tears in his eyes, he wished for wings ("Waiting for Wings," December 2, 2015). Back home, friends of orphans prayed for him, I prayed for him, and my kids prayed for him. It touched me deeply whenever I heard my dear little Eliana, who remembers  too well how it felt to be unloved in China, plead with God to bring him to a family.

Could any wings be more perfect than
those a family will provide?
The Lord heard these prayers, and a mom who'd followed my previous blog found wings she was sure were meant for Perry. Now she's working hard to bring him home, dreaming of the day when his wish is more than hope.
You can be part of Perry's miracle; join the effort to fund his adoption and to make his future home wheelchair accessible at PingHasHope. Sharing the link will bless him, too. If you'd prefer your gift be tax deductible, please contact me at for instructions.
The sale of this professionally-refinished
China cabinet will benefit Perry's adoption
 and the cost to modify the home of
his family-to-be.
A gorgeous, professionally-refinished China cabinet has been donated; asking price is $800, and all proceeds will benefit this adoption. Dimensions of the cabinet are 62" x 78" x 16". The piece is in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area, and would need to be picked up there. Please call me at (616) 245-3216, or email me at the above address, if you're interested.
Many thanks for however you help to continue this too-special boy on his journey toward home.